Nationwide Hauling, Fully Insured

Welcome to CSF Transportation, LLC in Elizabethtown, PA!  We are a 24/7 operation, so click here to get a free estimate to haul your vehicle.


CSF TRANSPORTATION, LLC was started in 2016

I am someone who has a passion for vehicles and motorcycles. I personally have a 2002 S10 Xtreme with extensive work done to it along with a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide. I do have a mechanical background and CDL experience so odds are I won’t have any issues with getting your vehicle loaded and delivered safely and on time as expected. 


I'm here to help you with your needs.  To move your vehicle as quickly and safely as possible so that you can worry about one less thing.  If my work is not to your expectations I will do what I can to make it right so that you're happy!



A big thanks to Scott for bringing home my next restoration project from Texas-Pennsylvania. Fair price and great service!
— Brad Chilcote